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The name FOUND centres around the stories in Luke 15. God is the Father who is searching out those that are lost, driven by love. We are the FOUND; the ones that have been discovered by God and we desire as a home of the FOUND to see those that are lost, find home.

New Venue for September 2021 

We are really excited to announce that from 17 September 2021 we will be moving permanently from the Forum Coffee House to St Matt’s church in Widcombe. It’s an amazing venue with lots of space to play sports; break out rooms, a kitchen, table tennis, pool table and stage for worship and so on. 

St Matt’s is run by Tim and Sarah Buckley who have amazing hearts to use their building as a resource to the city and have become good friends of the Found Youth Team. We are very blessed that we can meet weekly in their building.

Found Youth and St Matt’s Youth - a  New Relationship

St Matt’s Youth is run by Libby who already does alot with sports and evangelism in the city. We are really excited that St Matt's Youth will be merging with Found Youth for our weekly Youth meetings. 

From Thursdays to Fridays

Another new announcement is that from 10 September 2021, Found Youth will be meeting on a Friday evening! Part of the reason for this is that St Matt's building is constantly available on Fridays but we also feel with feedback from youth it will be a good change and Fridays is a good night for most!

The exciting thing is because we will have a consistent and amazing space on Fridays to gather, we anticipate less confusion about where and when things are. All you need to know now is Friday Night is Youth Night at St Matt's Widcombe unless of course we are doing a special night elsewhere - which we will inform you about. On that, Friday 5 November is at The Forum Coffee House. 7pm. 

Friday Night Structure

The time hasn't changed and we will continue to meet from 7pm-9pm, with the new term starting Friday 10 September.

We will still continue having different focuses for the different weeks of the month, with the last Friday of the month being our city wide youth gathering with youth coming from across Bath. We will still breaking into our age groups and having social nights. But again for clarity sake all you need to know is Friday Night is Youth Night at St Matt's Widcombe from 7pm - 9pm.

6th Form Sundays

That being said as well as Fridays a bi-weekly, Sunday evening gathering for 6th form students will continue in the home of one of our leaders. Contact Bex for more information. 

Sunday Sessions

Sunday Sessions are back from Sunday 5 September, from 11:15am-12:15am in the Attic at The Forum for Youth in school years 7-9.
Once a month the Sunday sessions will be for all youth ( school years 7 - 13). These sessions will take place on: 
27 March
24 April
29 May

Youth Alpha

We plan to start a Youth Alpha with other churches across the city starting Wednesday 13 October which will be a great chance for youth to ask questions about faith as well as bring friends that are interested in finding out more about Jesus. Find out more here.

Joining in with Found Youth Activities

If your son / daughter is aged 11 - 18 in full time education at a school or 6th form college and wishes to attend, please follow this link which will open a new page for the consent form. Thank you. 

YouTube and Social Media

Why not check out  the Found Youth YouTube channel or follow us on instagram? @_foundyouth

Square Tim Rudge 1Contact the Youth Pastor

Contact Tim Rudge, Youth Pastor for more information!.


We believe that children and youth should be safe and to that end take all matters of safeguarding seriously. 
Our safeguarding policies can be found here.

Rosie Sherwin is our safeguarding co-ordinator and can be contacted on