Life Groups


Why Life Groups?

On an average Sunday we have over 450 people worshiping at Life Church Bath on a Sunday morning, so it can be easy to get a little lost. We were never designed to be alone or to go through life, and the challenges it can bring, on our own.

We have recognised that small groups, averaging 5 - 15 people per group, are a critical part to effectively achieve our vision to build a radical, relevant church that empowers people to express God's heart, fulfill their dreams and change the world.

We have  a variety of Life Groups that meet in Bath, Bathford, Chippenham, Corston,  Faulkland, Monkton Combe, Combe Hay,  Peasedown St John, Radstock, Trowbridge and Warminster. See a full list of Life Groups here.

The vision of Life Groups

To provide a safe environment for every believer to mature and thrive, both spiritually and emotionally; to foster healthy, authentic community in an atmosphere of mutual respect, honour and trust; to provide an environment of discovery, practice and development of spiritual gifts, callings and destiny; to identify, develop and multiply leaders.

We want everyone to encounter the life transforming presence of God in community with others; to be equipped to fulfil the dreams and passions that the Father has place in our hearts; to be empowered to change the world around ourselves in our own sphere of ministry and to express the likeness of heaven, here on earth

Some groups are new, some are well established. Some have room for many, some have only a few spaces left. 

Information about each Life Group is on the next page

For more information on Life Groups please contact James and Jeanine Porter