Life Groups


Why Life Groups?

Life Groups are the heart and soul of Life Church Bath and an essential part of our spiritual growth. Following Jesus is about being a disciple, an apprentice. Large gatherings are great for the corporate times of worship and hearing inspiring teaching and preaching but discipleship happens best in smaller gatherings. In addition, on a normal Sunday morning we can have over 450 people worshiping at Life Church Bath, so it can be easy to get a little lost. Life groups help bring a greater sense of community and the context for those communities is mission. That mission is to change the world through changing lives, one at a time.

We have recognised that small groups, averaging 12 people per group, are a critical part to effectively achieve our vision to build a radical, relevant church that empowers people to express God's heart, fulfil their dreams and change the world.

We have  a variety of Life Groups that meet in Bath, Bathford, Chippenham, Corston,  Faulkland, Monkton Combe, Combe Hay,  Peasedown St John, Radstock, Trowbridge and Warminster. See a full list of Life Groups here.

The Vision of Life Groups

To provide a place for people to discover and become all that the Father designed them to be, discovering the destiny and calling of God on their lives in a safe space. Life groups are where we get activated, equipped and mobilised to be disciple makers. They are ‘missional communities’ that care for and love one another into maturity. They nurture and develop leaders and influencers. Life groups foster a safe environment of discovery, practice and development of spiritual gifts from which we minister to one another. They are families of people who serve the communities around them, expressing the ‘other-centred, self sacrificial’ love of God.

We want everyone to encounter the life transforming presence of God in community with others; to be equipped to fulfil the dreams and passions that the Father has place in our hearts; to be empowered to change the world around us in our own spheres of life and to express the likeness of heaven, here on earth.

Some groups are new, some are well established. Some have room for many, some have only a few spaces left.

Joining a Life Group

We encourage everyone who has made Life Church Bath their home church to join a Life Group. Take a look at all the Life Groups on the next page. Choose one or two that you'd like to explore and someone will be in touch with you.

Need Help?

JamesPDo email James Porter if you need any help or information concerning Life Groups.