Life Church Bath
We've changed our name! 

In November 2019 we changed our name from Bath City Church to Life Church Bath.

When a young couple gathered a handful of students to pray together in a flat near the Royal Crescent in late 1968, they never envisaged becoming Bath City Church.
At first the group became known as Bath Christian Fellowship and grew, building around a sense of family and community in daily life, meeting throughout the week, in homes and meeting halls, not only on Sundays. 
The group bought its first building in Henry Street in 1978 and in the early 1980s changed its name from Bath Christian Fellowship to Bath City Church, embracing the reality of its identity as a church in the city. 
In 1988, after a remarkable story of unique opportunities and financial provision, the church purchased the former city centre cinema, the Forum with its large auditorium and listed art deco features.
After five decades, with an increasingly diverse and more dispersed congregation in the city and beyond, leader Dan Reynolds says, “As a church community we want to remain focused on being radical and relevant to all generations in a fast changing world”. 
As part of that focus the name of the church will change to reflect the Life that the gospel of Jesus Christ inspires. The formal structures of the church, and the operation of the Forum will remain unchanged.
We still retain a heart and a love for our renowned and beautiful city,” explains Dan. “It’s a city characterised for leisure, refreshment and a provision of healing.  But we also want to reach to our wider region, to the nation, and nations beyondOur heart and new name reflect a longing for our city to Come to Life!”

Some may wonder whether the name change means that we are now linked in some way to other churches of the same or similar name in the UK or beyond.  This is generally not the case. 
However, through Dan Reynolds, our senior pastor, we have connected with some former friends of the church, who now lead churches in Chicago and St Louis in the United States… they too are called Life Church, and together we have linked up as ‘LifeStreams’, a network built on personal connection and relationship with a common vision and mission to bring life to people and churches around the world.