More prophetic art 

IMG 5329
Follow the Good Shepherd. Margaret, 9 December 2020
This is a call to keep following Jesus, who is our Good Shepherd.
He cares deeply for each one of us and knows all that we need. He knows the way forward and He will provide a safe route through the milestrom of life we are experiencing just now. He is faithful and He will always be at hand walking with us.

The Power of the Blood of Jesus. Sue, 25 November 2020
Things can look daunting when all around is closed in and barriers are raised. We can feel cold, alone and unwanted even when we are with someone. In this painting, I feel that the Lord shows us that no matter how difficult the situation is that we want to escape from, He is there right beside us to heal us and show us how much He loves us. He loves us more than we will ever know. His blood He shed for us, by His stripes we are healed. This is the power of the blood of Jesus …… He is the resurrection and the Life, He is our all in all.

IMG 5326
Peace. Margaret, 11 November 2020
I felt that I was to paint a white lily-like flower so I looked on Google for photos of white flowers and the Peace Lily caught my eye. It was a big challenge for me to try and paint it with so much detail and it took a long time, but I still feel it wasn't the flower I was supposed to paint!! However, here is 'Peace" which is indeed what I believe God wants us to live in despight the times and all the problems and challenges. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and also the Prince of Peace and we are to keep our eyes on Him through it all. 

Free to Flourish. Margaret, 28 October 2020
It sends a clear message that nothing is locked down as far as our God is concerned! He wants to set us free in thought, word and deed to live life abundantly despite how the world looks to us. He has ways that are our not our ways and He can make a way where there is no way!

IMG 5256
A Thin Place. Margaret, 14 October 2020
This painting is like a peep into the beauty and mystery of being in relationship with, and abiding in, God, through Jesus, by the Holy Spirit.

IMG 5178
Thy Will Be Done. Margaret, 30 September 2020
It is a human hand reaching up to God, blessed and empowered by His Holy Spirit; open and ready to obediently do whatever the Lord requires to be done to extend His Kingdom here on earth.

image0 (14)
A Fragrant Offering. Margaret, 16 September 2020
It represents how our praise and worship to the Lord  blesses Him and gives us joy and hope. Other suggestions included the river of life flowing down to us from an open heaven, Jesus on the cross and an incomplete knot!

Harvest in New Beginnings. Margaret, 2 September 2020
It depicts a lot of new life and fresh growth with much renewal and healing but concurrently there are seeds of knowledge, truth and hope which are ready to be harvested and planted for a new season of even more increase, power and fruitfulness.

IMG 5074
He is in the Waiting. Margaret, 19 August 2020
We can so easily think that as we wait for the huge wave of revival and transformation to sweep across our nation, we can feel alone and left out in some way, just coping with all the events that surround us. This picture reminds us that God wants to lift us up as individuals to connect with His joy and hope and to enable us to more that survive but to thrive during this special time. 

20200810 224406
Come up Here. Sue, 5 August 2020
When you are feeling lost, alone and in pain and think there is no way out, .... God says, 'there is always a way'. .... His light and His love reaches down into the darkest of places. You don't have to stay in the darkness, instead walk into His glorious light.
After I showed this painting to those at Encore, many felt that the image portrayed the tassels hanging down beyond the Hem of the Lord's garment. The woman with the issue of blood touched the hem of the Lords garment and instantly she was healed. 
Turn around .... lift up your head .... respond to His call .... walk in to His light, His love, His healing and  everything that the Lord has for you.

His Mercies are New Every Morning. Margaret, 5 August 2020
It represents the glory of a relationship with the Father who lavishes His love and faithfulness to each one of us by pouring down His mercies afresh every single day. 

IMG 4924
Becoming. Margaret, 22 July 2020
'Becoming' illustrates the journey of a life lived with Jesus. Initially the relationship has many ups and downs but within it all, there are flashes of glory, blessings, revelations, peace and a greater intimacy and trust developing. Ultimately, the turmoil subsides as more truth is revealed and righteousness, peace and joy triumph over all things.

The Power of God’s Love for You. Sue, 8 July 2020
About two weeks ago I was driving to Chapmanslade from Westbury to visit my mum. I had been feeling a bit run down and a little stressed. Suddenly The Father was there with me! He said, “KNOW that I love you!” Wow... I was blown away... His love overwhelmed me... a whirlwind of total joy consumed me.  It was then I had this vision of sun shaped image – the image was amazing but too intricate to explain... so during worship at Encore Online I painted a mixture of what I saw and the incredible explosive power of His Love for each and everyone of us. 
KNOW that I love you, says the Lord.

IMG 4852
Life’s Journey with Him. Margaret, 8 July 2020
It depicts the many stages of refining and change during which the Holy Spirit is moulding and developing us to become ever more fruitful, fulfilled and at peace in the Lord Jesus.

20200708 091613
The Blessings of Christ. Sue, 24 June 2020

image1 (12)
Eternal Abundance. Margaret, 24 June 2020
The Holy Spirit is constantly flowing down through our lives like a mighty waterfall, bringing eternal life and glory, hope and joy through the blood of Jesus shed for us in love. It is an abundant flow that will always be enough for us to grow and thrive in Him.

image1 (11)
Holy Synergy. Margaret, 10 June 2020
Margaret says "This to me portrays the dynamic between our praise and worship going up to heaven and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, blessing, revelation and peace coming from heaven to earth which impacts our world."

Encore Prophetic Art 2
Spirit Waves. Margaret, 27 May 2020
More and more waves of blessing, revelation, freedom and clarity together with overcoming peace  available to those who step in to the pure flow of the  Holy Spirit.

Encore Prophetic Art
Margaret, 13 May 2020
Margaret says "This picture could be to many an illustration of our situation at the moment - being surrounded and hemmed in by coronavirus in a dark and scary place, but to me,as the colour black in prophetic art can mean the fear of the Lord. I believe this is showing that there is a need for increased fear of the Lord both individually and in the church as a whole, and with humility and maturity there is a pathway out to the light which is to Jesus. Some observers saw the path strewn with petals and likened it to a pathway to Jesus for His bride the church. Whatever, it shows that there is a way forward and God has it all in hand!"